Creating your own book

STORYBIRD: A story creater

Storybird is an online ressource to create your own story alone, grouped or in classroom. Its concept is to make a personal story with images and texts. The nice part of this online tool is that it can be used by several people at the same time.



Storybird has a lot of pre-made frames that people can choose while creating a story. This means that, for instance, young students can take images that they found beautiful and create a story with the image. As the website says: « Your words. Our art. Amazing stories. »

While used in classrooms, the teacher just has to log in and presents stories in front of the class as example.

Storybird can be considered a social network because every stories can be liked and followed for feedback.

IMPORTANT: Is is important to notice that people can write texts, but they can’t choose their own images. Only pre-made frames are available.

All created stories can be upload on the Internet and can be seen worldwide. Moreover, people can read it and give feedback or even creating a following of your story.


For pedagogical purpose, a great quality of this tool is that students can easily create their own stories without any challenging efforts. They can act as an author for a couple of hours and create beautiful materials.

Here is an example of an online story: Awesome Story

As you can see, this little story is really simple to create and can be seen worldwide.

Still within pedagogical point of view, it enhances the creativity of each student which is very important in an early age of life. Moreover, it enhances the interaction between students because they work together to create a personal story.

It is also a great tool to introduce students to technology because it is quite simple and it is really beautiful when the time comes to read the story.


Here are some feedback from teachers around the world:

Kerry R. Professional Children’s School New York, NY

Submitted May 13, 2013
As an ESL teacher, I must say that I will certaintly use this tool in future ESL classrooms. This is a new tool that I just discovered and it is way easier than it looks like. Honestly, when I was young, I would have loved to waste time finding funny images and create my own story as a little author. I really hope this tool will grow bigger and popularize around the world. I must say though that this tool is more for young children (High School Level) than older children (Secondary Level). However, everyone could like it, but I suggest to use it with people that are not too old.

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