Ventrilo, what an easy way to speak to everyone around the world !

Today, I want to initiate you guys to an useful interacting software: Ventrilo. Ventrilo is a tool that allows people to speak to anybody around the world without leaving home. All you have to do is staying on your chair, put your headphones on (it works too with a separated microphone and independent speakers).

Let me show you how simple Ventrilo is. You can find your Client online on the official website. The Client is the software you have to download before being allowed to speak with people around the world. When the software in done loading, you may install it into your computer and put a desktop icone to easily click when you need to speak. When everything is set, Ventrilo allows you to create a name and to enter a server IP to log in. This is the good thing about Ventrilo: You can rent a server for like 10$ a year and you give the IP adress and the password to whoever wants to join the conversation. That being said, nobody else than people you know may heard about your identity. It is complelety safe and you can’t find someone on google using Ventrilo. The owner of the server has a lot of rights. For example, the owner logs in as the administrator of the Ventrilo IP server. When logged in, he can create channels (Rooms) to let people talk in. The first one may be « Main Lobby » and the other ones may be « Room1 », « Room2″, Room3 », and so on. This is really amazing because people can decide to talk to everyone or to hide with someone in « Room1 » to talk in private. Another good point or Ventrilo is that you can write a message near your name. For example, if you are trying to pronunce a word to your friends and they can’t understand, you may click on « Miscenalleous » and there is a frame to put a text in. Also, you can promote your friends to different grades. For example, there is the server admin who has the entire control of options. Besides the server admin, people can be promoted to « administrator » but they don’t have the entire control of the tool. They only have a few more options like kicking people out of rooms or server.

This software is mainly used by people who play video games. It is useful for people to speak while gaming to ensure that people understand each other. Don’t WORRY, even if you are not a hard gamer, you may use Ventrilo for any purposes. For example, you may talk with family members or simply for business purposes.

Ventrilo VS The World

You may say that this tool is like Skype or TeamSpeak, but I personally think that Ventrilo has its own personnal positive points. Unlike Skype, the « Push to Talk Key » ability is way easier to understand in Ventrilo than Skype. This key is pretty sample: it allows you to hit a button before starting to talk. That being said, every background noises are not heard by everyone because you decide when you hit the button to talk. When the button is toggled off, nothing can be heard by people in the same room as you. Another advantage of Ventrilo is that there is no noise problem. According to my personnal exeperience with Skype, Skype lowers every other sounds when the time comes to receive a call. I know that you can change this option in Skype, but it is not everyone who are at ease with Skype’s options. Moreover, Skype minimizes other opened softwares when you are being called. Ventrilo is above that. Ventrilo won’t be changing any noise effects on other opened applications. Another advantage of Ventrilo is there is no friends list. You may say that is it not that important, but it is. When you want to talk to someone in Skype, you are almost forced to add him your friends list OR someone can add a person in an already-started discussion. Sometimes it is really boring to add a friend because you feel forced to talk to people because they are your friends. In Ventrilo, you add only people who you are sure of. In the same way of thinking, you can’t be found on Google while using Ventrilo. In Skype, people can find you by looking up your name in the add friends section.


PROs: Really simple to use because you only need to download the Client once and after that it’s only a matter of servers. There are no noise problems like in Skype. You can kick people from your room or even lock your room to ensure than nobody can enter. The « Push To Talk Key » is very nice.

CONs: If you don’t have any information about IP server, you can’t talk to anybody. You MUST have a valid IP adress unless you won’t be able to talk to anybody.


As an ESL teacher, I would use this tool in a computer lab only. It is not really a tool that you can use in classrooms, but it does not affect the fact that Ventrilo is useful. In a computer lab, it would be easy to form like 10 teams of four in your group and then create 10 rooms in your Ventrilo server. You can name your room the name you want so students won’t be mind boggled. It is also really useful for people who dislike softwares that everyone can talk at the same time. With Ventrilo, the green indicator by your name indicates if you are talking or not (red).


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