Software Review: Glogster

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Have you ever dreamt of having all the information you need in one single page? Are you tired of looking tons and tons of pages on Internet to find only few pieces of information? GLOGSTER has the solution!!

What is Glogster

Glogster is a software which allows you to create pages (called Glogs) fulfilled with pertinent information about any subjects/topics you would like to talk about. The only thing you have to do is to find some information on Internet and create a page about it. It ressembles Wikipedia, but it is more focused on concise pieces of information: facts, short videos, images, general information.

Example of a Glog: Venus

Educational benefits

According to Jamie the Librarian, there are three major benefits of using Glosgter in classrooms.

First one: Glogster allows students to learn social technology in a simple, funny, and interactive way.

Simple: Creating a Glog is simple in the way that it is accessible for everyone and it does not require high Internet abilities

Funny: Creating a Glog is funny in the sense that you can choose any available topics. That being said, adding your own personnal touch to the page gives it a funny facet.

Interactive: Creating a Glog is interactive in the way that students work together to find and share information about their subjects. In fact, this enhances students ability to intertact with others and to take critics from them.

Second one: It has been demonstrated that Glogster allows students to develop their skills in creativity, innovation, communication, collaboration, research, fluency, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, and digital citizenship.

It is absolutaly worthy to develop all those skills in classrooms. WHY? Because students are in their critical development. It is essentiel to go beyond what is expected. That being said, students learn from the information they share AND develop essential skill to be better citizen.

Third one: It has also been demonstrated that using Glogster in classrooms improve students’ engagement, representation, and expression. Because students chooses their own topics, they are highly motivated. Also, It is a good way to acquire information. It provides too an opportunity for learners to express what they are learned.

According to Joli Barker, Glogster is an excellent tool to create icebraker activities. Before the semester starts, the teacher can send a Glog about him to the students to get to know each other. It is an excellent way to have students ready for the semester. Another excellent benefits is for parental support. That being said, parents can stay connected with the classrooms because of Glogster. Joli Barker also demonstrated that Glogster has a positive effect on health. Teachers can create Glogs about fitness demonstrations so students can try it at home and stay in health.

ESL Teacher point of view

As an ESL teacher, I must say that Glogster is one of the greatest tool I have learned so far. It is absolutely easy to use and easy to manipulate. It has been demonstrated that Glogster enhances motivation, technology skills, health, social skills, and more. It sure will be a tool in my future ESL class. The good thing with this software is that it’s useful for every class. You can use it for maths, physics, French, English, and more. It is one of the greatest way to have students focussed on pertinent content because a Glog is like a summary of many read information.


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