Introduction to a software: ClassDojo

Hey guys,

Let me introduce you to a fantastic tool named ClassDojo. ClassDojo is a website (Free access) which helps teachers all around the world to manage their classrooms. It facilitates communication within the class as well as inside-outside relations. Moreover, it is very easy to use: teachers have to go on the website and create a room for their classrooms. Then, students log in into the room with any mobile devices and choose their own characters (Characters are like funny-looking avatars which represent each student in the class).

How does it work

Once every students are logged in, the teacher can see every one of them in his/her monitor and can share any information to them. The pretty cool thing is that no more E-mails are required to share information. With this website, students are rewarded for good behavior and penalized for bad behavior. For example, in one hand, let say one student speaks in English the entire duration of the class. Then, the teacher may give « +1 for speaking in English » to the student. Those points are accumulated and the teacher may reward kind students. On the other hand, let say one student has been off-task the entire duration of the class. Then, the teacher may give « -1 for being off-task ». It is way easier for the teacher to know which of his/her students are acting kindly or poorly because he can see the historic of given points. Moreover, students may see their points on the screen (SmatBoard) or on their devices: that keeps them tracked on what they have to improve. Teachers can also give reports to parents.

A great advantage of Class Dojo is that parents and students can track the room wherever they are. That being said, it is easy to be in touch with the class everyday and to be informed of what will come soon. It is also useful for parents who like to ask questions to the teacher.

Educational Benefits

According to David Higley, ClassDojo enhances students’ motivation and encourages students to act kindly in class. ClassDojo also helps students for decision making. This software also grants the opportunity to favorize good behavior. With the website, it is easy to notice the positive and the negative points of your class so you can spot the weaknesses and work on them.

According to Alesha Bishop, ClassDojo allows feedback to be more concise and relevant.

According to Dave Dodgson, ClassDojo is not only a helper tu support positive behavior, but also a helper to maximize the use of the target language in class.

ESL Teacher Point of View

As a ESL Teacher, I must say that ClassDojo is far from fail. It has been demonstrated that ClassDojo enhances implication, motivation, and good behavior. This is what is expected in a classroom and I’m sure it would work with any class. At first, I was skeptical about the capacity to earn points (because I thought it would be only a reason for students to fight) but I realize that results are there! It is beyond earning points: students develop the capacity to be involved in many activities and react when a student does not act kindly. Moreover, it looks very easy to use. I will certainly use it and I must recommend this software to everyone with behavior issues in their classrooms.



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