Software review: Netmath

Hello everybody,

Let me show you an amazing tool: Netmath. Netmath is an online website which allows teachers, parents, and students around the world to be in touch with mathematics wherever they want.

How does it work

This tool is really simple: it’s like a math book, but online. On the official website, there are four main sections: Activities, Follow-Up, My favourite, and Menu. In the Activities section, there are tons and tons of online math exercises waiting to be solve (Approximately 1000 activities). The Follow-Pp section is a section where you find statistics about your class (Grades, Average, Failure, Success, etc). My Favourite section is only a place where you can put important/relevant exercises in order to rapidly do them without harsh research. The last section, Menu, is a menu where you can find things like laboratory, class code, statistics, mails, lexical, etc. All activities are for students from primary to high school. Beyond that, it would be too easy for CEGEP/UNIVERSITY students. When the teacher starts hi/hers lesson, he/she can choose some activities about algebra, multiplication, division, etc. This is the strength of this tool because EVERY single exercises can be found. Each activity contains approximately 10 pages of questions about the same topic. It is really useful for students to stay good in any math topics.

Mission: In Netmath, besides activities, there are missions. Missions are very cool. They consist of little questions about known mathematicians and enigmas. If students solve enigmas, they can go on other pages and do another questions about known mathematicians. It is a perfect mix of common knowledge and maths.

Another good thing of Netmath is the instant feedback. When students answer a question, it is checked when the answer is good it is an X when the answer is wrong. When the answer is good, Netmath cheers you and when the answer is wrong there is a detailled answer. This is absolutely useful and amazing for students who want to learn rapidly.

To know if students do their homework properly, a follow-up section is there. For example, when they come back home, their parents can see how many activities are there to be done. If it says: « 2 new upcoming activites », the student has to do 2 activities to have a completed homework. Moreover, when students do a lot of exercises without errors, they are rewarded with yellow stars (They are showed in their profile).

A last good thing is all statistics are stocked in the teacher’s lobby. That being said, the teacher knows exactly which student did which activities, when, and the result. It is really useful for teachers who want to improve students’ weaknesses.

Classroom benefits

According to an article written by Joanie Godin, Netmath enhances motivation. Students are thrilled to the idea of doing a lot of math projects on iPad. Moreover, instant feedback keep students focused on their tasks because it is like a virtual teacher.

According to Alison, a nouvelist, Netmath has motivated about 68 000 Canadian students during a math competition. Students were told to do the more activities they could within 30 minutes. It was an amazing competion because students learned a lot of mathematics, and they were a lot more motivated to do maths. It is really nice to see that Netmath gives students this opportunity

ESL Teacher Point of View

As an ESL Teacher, Netmath is the greatest maths tool that I found on the Internet. It is free, simple to use, and available for every students. These days, a lot of students do not like maths. The coolest thing of this software is that students are motivated to do maths. Moreover, the instant feedback is very helpful because students do not need the teacher to be there everytime. I won’t be teaching maths, but I surely will tell my co-workers to try this website and to give feedback about it. This could be an amazing tool for any materials, but I do not know if the creator of Netmath will do version adapted for French, Physics, etc.


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