Introduction to Schoology !

Hello guys,
Today I’m going to introduce you to a great tool called Schoology.

How does it work

Schoology is an online platform where teachers post all useful contents about what happens in the classroom in order to have students easily informed about it. It is pretty much like Facebook, but for educational purposes.

It is completely free and you only have to log in and start working on it.

Schoology let you organize your school courses:

1- You can post homework assignments for students

2- You can post due dates so students can track them

3- You can manage your schedule

4- You can increase you students’ engagement in interactive discussions

5- You can grade students on their participation

6- Students can post their homework assignments on the online dropbox on the platform.

Also, there are online quizzes that students can do on the platform, which is really useful. Another good thing with these quizzes is that there is instant feedback, so students know their answers quickly so they can easily learn from their mistakes.

As stated above, students can post their homework assignments online. The good thing about it is that there is also an instant feedback on them so students can track what the teacher told them. It is interactive and easy to use.

The grades are also posted online with all the dates.

Schoology versus The World

Here are some differences between Schoology and one other big famous Learning Management Systems: Edmodo

According to Tech 4 School Librarians:



  • Easy to give feedback to students
  • Very little introduction for students
  • Creation of small groups within a class
  • Ability to post information to the group
  • Ability to submit assignments
  • Attendance recording


  • Posts are only chronological so the board can get messy
  • Quizes are limiting
  • No messaging between students
  • Child-like



  • Updates (Posts) and Discussion Boards
  • Discussion boards with nested discussion
  • Settings for Tests and Quizes (Time Limits & Retakes)
  • Ability to setup modules or lessons (with materials) within a class or group
  • Dropbox like feature for assignments
  • Online Gradebook and Attendance
  • Create Blogs within the product


  • No small group creation options
  • Takes more time to learn and teach students
  • It connects your class as a ‘course’ not a ‘class’. This makes it easier for high school teachers, but for my single class, students became confused as to where they needed to go for their assignments, discussion boards etc.

What I have understood with all these Pros and Cons is that both tools are really useful, but I think Schoology offers more options and contents. However, Edmodo seems easier to understand and less difficult to manage for the classroom.

ESL Teacher Point of View

After reviewing various classroom managers and Learning Management Systems, I can say that they are a must in every ESL classroom. I think that too much time will be lose if these tools are not used. This is a great way to put every homework assignments, due dates, exam dates, important messages, and so on. Moreover, during my research, I noticed that there are many benefits like engagement from students, motivation, social skills, interaction, and more. This is great to see that one tool can do everything at the same time. I will definitely use Edublogs, Schoology, and Edmodo as well.


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